half way to healed

June 3, 2009 erinmcgrathwo

Well.. I’ve completed three cycles, three months of chemo.  My latest PET scan says that there has been a substantial change in the cancer masses in my body, but they are still there. Ideally, we’d like to have a negative PET scan and then I’d just finished up two more months of chemo. Right now I am going to go ahead and do my 4th cycle, and have another PET scan done, and hopefully if that is negative I’ll only have tw more months and no radiation!! But its a waiting game to see what will happen.

Things seem to be going well. I am slowly bouncing back from yesterday’s treatment, although it was a rough one. Things at the Bangor clinic are different than Dartmouth. They don’t give my the steriod (to help accelerate the anti-nausea med) by I.V. so they had me taking it orally, which was really screwing up my blood sugars, so they took me off the steriod all together but its definately noticeable in how the anti-nausea works.. I don’t feel as great as I did previously.  But I went to work today and made it through the whole day, and even had some lunch so I am feeling happy about that. I really don’t want to have to miss too much work for stuipd cancer.

I am definately feeling tired of the whole chemo routine. I am feeling better, and just want the cancer out of my body and have my “normal” life and control over my body back. But I suppose this is natural and comes with the territory. Its frustrating as well because summer is here and I want to have a lot of energy to go have fun and be outside doing things, but I dont always feel like it and I get tired easily. But I suppose its also lucky that I don’t have to put up with all of this at school and trying to forge through late nights of reading and studying. Anyways, trying to remain optomistic and hopeful. I know I’ll get through this, its just going to take more paitence, hope and strength!


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  • 1. Dorathy  |  June 4, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Patience, hope and strength–and good vibes from those of us who love you. You’re my hero.

  • 2. Laurie  |  June 5, 2009 at 11:57 am

    I love you Woolley-bear!

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