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May 22, 2009 erinmcgrathwo

Well I made the journey back to Bangor. It’s been a change of pace since leaving Vermont. Its still bizarre getting up and not being in my tiny little law school town. I actually can say I am going to run to the grocery store and have it take less than 1/2 an hour. Pretty exciting.

On the HL front things are still progressing forward. I had my first treatment here in Bangor. This was an adjustment. I got so used to the drill and schedule at Dartmouth and seeing the same faces, that it was hard to switch treatment up here. I cannot really compare the two places because they are sooo different. But switching places of cancer care is not something I’d recommend to anyone if they don’t have to do it. What a pain in the butt. My pre-meds weren’t the same here. And I was given the meds I usually get by IV as oral drugs to take when I went home. This in turn made a mess of my blood sugars ( I am an auto-immune wonder…. for real, I need a t-shirt or something).

Anyway treatment went okay. Just feeling super tired but trying to push through since these are my last few days before I become an intern for the rest of the summer! I am looking forward to getting back to a structured day, but I do love lounging in my PJs until late morning. I am worried about my stamina and being able to work esp. after chemo treatments but I guess I can only try to do it and see how it goes.

I do have my next PET scan this week! I am excited to see this, considering my last PET scan was full of dark scary masses where there shouldn’t have been anything. I really do feel as though I am healthier than I was say in ooo March, but still its hard to tell when I am tired and sick to my stomach to know the juice is serving its purpose.  I have been eating lots of ginger at the recommendation of friends and the latest chemo buzz, and it seems to be helping, which is promising since I do love ginger.

Overall, I feel pretty strong and proud. I made it through the rest of my semester of law school, and am beating cancer, and still waking up each morning ready for the day. It’s not an easy path, but it’s mine and I suppose I am making the best of it.


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