2 Cycles Down

May 8, 2009 erinmcgrathwo

I have now finished two cycles (4 treatments) of chemo!  I have also finished my second year of law school. And now I am exhausted. I think its hard to even fathom this accomplishment because it all happened so fast. Its like I woke up and law school was over for the year and I am still not sure I even started! Its insane really.

Things are okay. I have been battling waves of nausea this time, and to add to the chemo issues, I decided to celebrate the end of the semster with some ice cream right after chemo… and let me tell you, there is a reason why you should avoid a large intake of dairy after chemo and I wished I had remembered that. But I am slowly bouncing back. I’ve been super tired and taking naps during the day. Its really nice to recover without the stress of having assignments or reading that I should be doing.

So I am heading back to Maine next week and will continue treatment there. I have to have another PET scan when I get up there to see where things are at and how to move forward with treatment. My nurse practioner here at DHMC has sadi the risk of breast cancer is significant with radiation esp. for women my age, which kind of scares me. I really only want to go through this once. But apparently there is no difference in terms of getting rid of the cancer between doing 6 months of chemo or 4 months of chemo and radiation. I really don’t want to put myself at risk. Also the largest masses of my diseas are in the center of my chest so there would really be no way of avoiding radiaiting my breasts. So these are all things to consider.

The other neat thing about my last visit is that I got to see my first PET scan, it was really incredible to see how those masses were sitting and it all makes sense now about the breathing and chest issues I was having all winter. Also, the site where m biopsy was taken from was a large as a FIST!! it was massive, no wonder it leaked for so long!!

So wish me luck for cleaning my apartment and packing up! I am hoping to get the energy this weekend. Today I am taking it easy, and baking cupcakes for an end of the year party, trying to feel more normal and like myself, but that’s never easy when you have 4 chemicals pumping through your body.  The beat goes on, and the journey continues.


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